Welcome to the Gehrenbergspatzen!

The Gehrenbergspatzen perform as two musicians. We play traditional German and Bavarian folk music, as well as German oldies. Within the last 30 years we recorded and published several MCs and CDs.

You can regularly hear us on various radio- and TV-stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US. Besides our performances in whole Europe and USA, we performed at the Hong Kong Octoberfest for several years now. Our concert tours to the US inspired us a lot and so we included the spirit of the "wild west" into our new songs. Despite the concert tours all around the world, you can still listen to our music on performances around the Bodensee area.

Best regards to our contractors, all who have hired us or will do so, and of course to our fans. Thanks for coming in - we appreciate your interest and will keep our site and you up to date.

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Die Gehrenbergspatzen

Die Gehrenbergspatzen